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Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands power system project
Client: Island power system
Location: Canada
SgurrEnergy service: Technical advisor

SgurrEnergy was commissioned to advise on the most appropriate means of providing sustainable power for Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands off the coast of British Colombia, Canada. The work was intended to aid the local community in responding to a request for power proposals issued by the state power authority.

Our scope of work included:

  • Selecting the optimal capacity for wind and biomass power generation components
  • Conducting wind and biomass resource assessment.
  • Selection of appropriate technology
  • Site selection
  • Construction of bankable financial models
  • Advising on project ownership and funding options
  • Producing indicative project timelines
  • Community consultation
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Fermeuse wind farm project
Client: Canadian Western Bank and Laurentian Bank
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
Capacity: 27MW
SgurrEnergy service: Lender's engineer

SgurrEnergy carried out lender's due diligence of the Fermeuse wind farm, near St John's, Newfoundland, Canada as part of a project re-financing effort. The assignment was carried out on behalf of Vancouver based Canadian Western Bank and Montreal based Laurentian Bank of Canada, who jointly financed the wind farm, which is owned by Elemental Energy.

The Fermeuse wind farm has a rated capacity of 27MW and consists of nine 3MW Vestas V90 WTGs. It is one of two commercial-scale wind farms on the island of Newfoundland. The due diligence consisted of a full technical review with a particular focus of SgurrTrend SCADA analysis on the historical performance of the wind farm and an updated energy yield prediction based on the production data.

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Horseshoe Shoal offshore wind farm project
Client: Cape Wind Associates
Location: North America
Capacity: 454MW
SgurrEnergy service: Technical advisor

Contracted by Cape Wind Associates to support the final development phase of the offshore site located in Horseshoe Shoal near Cape Cod, MA.

Our scope of work included:

  • Contract development and support
  • Wind turbine reviews
  • Site suitability assessments
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Salkhit wind farm project
Client: Clean Energy LLC
Location: Mongolia
Capacity: 50MW
SgurrEnergy service: Technical advisor

SgurrEnergy was appointed as technical advisor and project management consultant for Clean Energy's 50MW Salkhit wind farm, the first wind farm to be constructed in Mongolia.

The client's flagship project was supported by SgurrEnergy in conducting feasibility studies, completing the selection and tendering process and achieving successful financial close. Key SgurrEnergy personnel were then based on-site in Mongolia to manage the project for the duration of the construction phase.

From our Glasgow head office, the team is also providing engineering support in the civil, mechanical and electrical domains, under tight time constraints and deadlines.

The environmental team was involved in reviewing all project documentation and advised the client on necessary action to ensure that the project complied with Equator Principles and EBRD's Environmental and Social Policy. This has included an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for an extension to the wind farm.

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Baicheng wind farm project
Client: HSBC China
Location: China
Capacity: 49.5MW
SgurrEnergy service: Environmental and social due diligence and post-construction monitoring

SgurrEnergy was appointed by HSBC China to undertake environmental and social due diligence and post-construction monitoring activities for a 49.5-MW wind farm in China.

SgurrEnergy's specialist environmental team visited the site and undertook an environmental and social audit of company operations and project documentation. The team audited the construction works to date and interviewed key project personnel to confirm project compliance with the Equator Principles moving into the operations phase.

The audit was focused on confirming that the requirements of the ESAP have, or are, being addressed and ultimately to ensure compliance with the Equator Principles and IFC Performance standards.

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North Luzon wind farm project
Client: Standard Chartered Bank
Location: Philippines
Capacity: 80MW
SgurrEnergy service: Environmental and social due diligence

SgurrEnergy undertook the environmental and social due diligence for the North Luzon 80 MW Wind Energy Project. SgurrEnergy completed a site visit, undertook a consultation exercise with local communities and other key stakeholders, and carried out a review of relevant project documentation. Following the site visit the key issues were identified which required further work, prior to financial close, and commencement of construction works. SgurrEnergy prepared the full environmental and social due diligence report, together with a draft Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) to enable the gaps to be addressed.

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India solar development project
Client: International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Location: India
Capacity: 5MW
SgurrEnergy service: Environmental and social due diligence

Production of a guidebook, market analysis, training and dissemination, construction monitoring and acceptance testing of demonstration plant

Contracted by IFC to provide knowledge management services for solar energy development in India.

Our scope of work included:

  • Development of a comprehensive guidebook for developers and investors of both photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power plants
  • Market analysis
  • Training and dissemination activities for the development of solar power projects
  • Preparation of a global database of companies involved in solar PV, CPV and concentrating solar thermal industry

The commission also included construction monitoring and acceptance testing of a 5MW PV plant with visual acceptance testing, availability tests, performance ratio tests and the independent monitoring of irradiation and key plant parameters using a mobile measurement station.

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Sapphire wind farm project
Client: Sapphire Textile Mills Limited
Location: Pakistan
Capacity: 50MW
SgurrEnergy service: Full owner's engineer (technical advisor) services for development and construction

SgurrEnergy was appointed by Sapphire Textile Mills Ltd. to provide full owner's engineer (technical advisor) services to support the project from feasibility through to financial close. To date our work on the project has included preparation of a detailed feasibility study; layout design; micro-siting; financial modelling; drafting of wind turbine generator and balance of plant contracts, contract negotiations and wind resource monitoring and analysis.

Our scope of work included:

  • Monthly meteorological mast data recovery
  • Wind regime analysis of extreme winds, turbulence, wake-induced turbulence and shear to determine site classification and inform decisions to ensure suitability of the wind turbine generator to these site specific conditions
  • Long term wind resource assessment and energy yield prediction
  • Uncertainty analysis in the energy yield prediction for use in the financial model
  • Analysis and review of the site specific resource with respect to the Pakistani tariff system

From SgurrEnergy's work on the Sapphire wind farm project, we have subsequently been referred to other wind farm developers in southern Pakistan and have provided similar owner's engineer and extensive wind resource services to a number of projects of a similar size to Sapphire. Provision of owner's engineer services for approximately 50% of all wind farm sites in Pakistan, over the last four years, has provided SgurrEnergy with an unrivalled understanding of the regional wind climate, topography and tariff conditions as well as all regulatory and technical aspects involved in the development and construction of wind energy projects in Pakistan.

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Hydro project due diligence
Client: Confidential
Location: Turkey
Capacity: 100MW
SgurrEnergy service: Due Diligence

SgurrEnergy conducted the due diligence exercise on a large hydro project in Turkey reviewing the generation equipment, maintenance, operational experience, history and performance of the plant to date. SgurrEnergy personnel ,with many years of operational and maintenance experience on various sized hydro plants, were well placed to conduct this study and were able to identify hydro-specific issues to the client.

The study included site visits, operational testing of the units, and inspection of all available components. The technical report to the client covered the following areas:

  • Assessment of fitness for purpose of all principal elements of the works, including major works components, chosen manufacturers and in-service histories.
  • Commentary on final testing and commissioning of the works
  • Compliance with all contractual performance guarantees
  • Analysis of any outstanding final completion works
  • Outstanding warranties and repair/replacement arrangements
  • Continuing defects liabilities and warranties
  • Final EPC contract completion arrangements
  • Adequate provision of spare parts
  • Appropriate training of operating staff
  • Timely completion of 'punch list' items
  • Adequacy of handover to the plant operator
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Rete Rinnovabile investment project
Client: Terra Firma Capital Partners
Location: Italy
Capacity: 144 MWp
SgurrEnergy service: Technical advisor

Commissioned as technical advisor, by private equity company Terra Firma Capital Partners, to assist with their 640m investment in Italy's Terna Group subsidiary company Rete Rinnovabile, a solar PV generation business with a portfolio of over 50 plants (all at different stages of development) with an installed peak generation capacity of 144 MW.

Our scope of work included:

  • Project documentation review (including Italian documentation using our multi-lingual engineering team)
  • Technical review of the developer's approach to building out the portfolio
  • Site visits and inspections of plants, both completed and in development
  • Critical review of the EPC contracts employed by the vendor across the portfolio
  • Critical review of Vendor's Acceptance Test Procedure to be employed across the portfolio
  • Energy yield verification
  • Technology review of key module and inverter suppliers
  • Review of operational data and appraisal of plant performance
  • Advising on O&M terms for contract negotiations, including solar irradiation measurement, performance guarantees and liquidated damages
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Solar PV plant project
Client: Urbasolar
Location: France
Capacity: 13MW
SgurrEnergy service: Technical advisor

SgurrEnergy carried out technical analysis of a portfolio of 32 proposed roof-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) projects ranging from 50 kWp to 1.2 MWp. This portfolio included a selection of agricultural, industrial and public buildings.

Our scope of work included:

  • A review of the module, inverter and support structures.
  • Detailed irradiation assessment for all sites.
  • Review of energy yield assessment for all projects.
  • Energy yield uncertainty analysis and P90 confidence calculations.
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Rite Rinnovabile Investment
Client: Terra Firma, Capital Partners
Location: Europe-wide
Capacity: 131MW
SgurrEnergy Service: Technical Advisor

Commissioned as technical advisor, by private equity company Terra Firma Capital Partners, to assist with their investment in Italy’s Terna Firma Group subsidiary company Rete Rinnovabile - an Italian solar photovoltaic generation business and portfolio with an installed peak generation energy capacity in excess of 150MW. In our role as technical advisor we provided a wide range of services including:

  • Appraisal of engineering contracts
  • Vendor acceptance testing
  • Solar equipment supplier review
  • Energy yield verification
  • Operational data and site performanceith Equator Principles and EBRD's Environmental and Social Policy. This has included an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for an extension to the wind farm.
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Tidal energy due diligence project
Client : Confidential
Location : UK
Capacity : 1MW
SgurrEnergy service : Technical due diligence

SgurrEnergy performed a detailed technical due diligence on a leading tidal energy technology on behalf of a major UK utility. The scope of work included a mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation, hydrodynamic and environmental due diligence and review of the device.

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Independent technical assessment project
Client : Arbuthnot Securities
Location : UK
Capacity : 1MW
SgurrEnergy service : Technical due diligence

SgurrEnergy, on behalf of investment bank Arbuthnot Securities, performed an independent technical assessment of REH’s energy portfolio. The scope of this assessment included REH’s biogas and wind projects and assets, as well as the CETO wave powered desalination and electricity generation technology.

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Pelamis prototype analysis project
Client: ScottishPower
Location: UK
Capacity : 750 kW
SgurrEnergy service: Power performance assessment and uncertainty analysis

SgurrEnergy analysed the power performance of the Pelamis prototype device tested at EMEC in order to validate and gain confidence in its power table. The knowledge gained from this project and others is relevant to the energy yield assessment of wave energy device, including the analysis of inter annual variability and other uncertainties.

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Moray Firth offshore wind farm project
Client: Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd
Location: UK
SgurrEnergy service: Health & safety, environmental requirements and risk assessment

SgurrEnergy provides advice on the health and safety and environmental requirements of the UK offshore market to assist with their development of 'next generation' wind turbines.

We conducted detailed studies of current and emerging regulations, standards and best practices regarding machinery safety, offshore operations, aviation and navigational risks, and environmental impact across the full lifecycle of an offshore wind development.

Detailed study findings were presented in guidebook format, supported by training workshops and highlighted areas where wind turbine designers have direct responsibilities and how their designs can assist other duty holders in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Further work has since been conducted on behalf of this client including hazard identification and risk assessment of lifecycle technology, safety and environmental issues affecting the design, installation and operation of wind turbines on offshore projects.

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Hydro pre-feasibility project
Client: Harley Haddow
Location: Rowardennan, Scotland
SgurrEnergy service: Pre-feasibility study

Harley Haddow commissioned SgurrEnergy to conduct a pre-feasibility analysis for the University of Glasgow Fish Research Station at Rowardennan. The station currently pumps water from Loch Lomond to feed through its research tanks. The field station is currently undergoing a major refurbishment and wanted to look at bringing water from the surrounding hills to put through the fish tanks. Due to the considerable head available on the surrounding hills, a small hydro scheme was looked at to compensate the cost of bringing the water to the field station. This study included full site flow monitoring, correlation and long-term flow analysis predictions.

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Macphie of Glenbervie biomass heat project
Client: Macphie of Glenbervie
Location: Glenbervie, Scotland
Capacity: 1.2 MW
SgurrEnergy service: Technical advisor

SgurrEnergy acted as technical advisor throughout all stages of a biomass process heat project. A 1.2MW wood chip fired steam boiler was installed to provide heat for a factory.

Our scope of work included:

  • Feasibility and scoping
  • Submission and management of planning application
  • Application for grant funding
  • Contract management of site investigation works
  • Produced Engineer Procure and Construct (EPC) enquiry, in conjunction with legal advisors
  • Project managed tender appraisal and contract negotiation
  • Conducted ongoing design and documentation review
  • Acted as Construction Design and Management (CDM) co-coordinator
  • Acted as technical advisor to ensure contract compliance
  • Visits to witness equipment factory acceptances tests
  • Site visits to determine progress
  • Witnessed key construction activities (including testing, commissioning and reliability runs)
  • Quality, Safety and Environmental (QSE) audits
  • Call-off technical support for works in connection with the EPC contract
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Kinghorn Primary School biomass project
Client: Fife Council
Location: Fife, Scotland
SgurrEnergy service: Technical specifications

A technical specification for a biomass boiler system to be installed in Kinghorn Primary school was created. The arrangement was installed alongside an existing gas system in a remote boilerhouse which previously contained the school's coal fired boilers.

Our scope of work included:

  • Modification of an existing design in order to reduce costs
  • Technical specification of biomass boiler
  • Equipment and fuel store layout recommendations
  • Recommendations for fuel reception
  • Biomass resource assessment
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Meerwind offshore wind farm project
Client: KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH
Location: North Sea (Germany)
Capacity: 288MW
SgurrEnergy service: Lenders' engineer

German project and export finance bank KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH acted as technical bank for the lenders on this 288MW offshore wind farm, commissioned as lenders' engineer to the club of origination banks, we provided technical due diligence for their investment in this, Germany's second project-financed offshore wind farm. In advance of our full lenders' engineer services we provided independent technical and commercial advice to both the project company and its financial advisors on the bankability and technology risks of the project, enabling a faster and smoother project finance process.

Our scope of work included:

  • Appraisal of the technical design, engineering and construction contracts
  • In-depth reviews of technology, construction and operational risks
  • Review of wind turbine and balance of plant equipment suppliers
  • Review of key financial model inputs, including construction schedule and costs, contingency levels and schedule float, long term operating costs and contingencies, energy production and availability targets
  • Energy yield assessment

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Havsnas Wind Farm

Client: HgCapital
Location: Sweden
Capacity: 95MW
SgurrEnergy Service: Lenders' engineer

SgurrEnergy acted as Lender’s Engineer on the 95MW Havsnas onshore wind project in Sweden providing pre-financial close reviews including project agreements, contracts, capital and maintenance costs, construction programmes and turbine technology on behalf of project financiers. Full, independent energy yield forecasts were also conducted.

Due diligence on this project involved detailed reviews of the weather risk during construction and icing risk during operation, as well as assessing turbine suitability for the project location.

Following financial close, SgurrEnergy continued to act on behalf of the lenders, undertaking a range of construction monitoring activities, including monthly site inspections, signing off monthly valuations and reviewing project progress on behalf of the lenders. Our final task prior to completion of the wind farm was to assist with turbine snagging activities.

SgurrEnergy has subsequently undertaken a reassessment of projected output using actual performance to date and has been able to verify that our original energy yield forecast was within 1.2% of production levels, once again highlighting the reliability, accuracy and strength of our measurement and analysis capabilities.

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另外,峰能一直受到海上风电场借贷方的信任,这些机构聘用我们的咨询服务来评估项目的各个技术部分,如英国的Ormonde和Thanet、比利时的Thornton Bank、以及荷兰的Q7等等大型项目。作为一个在可再生能源项目的开发上得到国际认可的专家,峰能投入到中国可再生能源推广计划(建设)中,这是由世界银行和全球环境基金评估中国沿海多个海上风力站点。这项工作最终生产欧盟资助的海上风能开发指南,这将成为中国海上风电项目政府战略发展的核心部分。


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